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Services after the sale

SINTASH Machine Company post sales service not as a cost but is an investment and so on in order to satisfy consumer’s satisfaction, post-sales services in two formats major division the following provides:

Desert service
This unit from technical experts specialized formation it is their duty to satisfy customers satisfaction and their goal perform periodic service faster, to overcome the flaws of hydraulic Hammers. On this basis, the mobile technical teams, including trained technicians along with the type’s special equipment action to perform troubleshooting periodic services and fix some of the possible drawbacks hydraulic hammers operate in all parts of the country.

Central repair shop
If the device needs for substantial maintenance and find out the bulk of it and might not be able to repair it in the client's workshop, device or a damaged piece after transmission to central repair shop company by trained experts with complete facilities and proper tools under repair and will quickly fix the defect. SINTASH Machine Company in addition to being equipped with a repair shop in the cities of Tabriz and Tehran, it offers its services in other parts. Repairs minor and fundamental all hydraulic hammers separate welding unit, reform, and the build-up of the body and brackets, reform and grinding cylinder, and the anvil with the best quality and in the minimum time at repair shops specialty and equipped SINTASH machine to be done.